Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting to get fed.
On my webcam. This is before I got Daisy.
On the webcam with Daisy. This is one of about 15 where she wouldn't keep still. All of the rest are blurry.

Max and Daisy

Napping while I was watching a movie.
I was moving things around and put Taffy's bed on the ground. Immediately both dogs wanted to get in and they did. They took a nap all scrunched up like this.
Interrupted at play.
Here's Daisy licking Max.
Whenever I call Daisy, she always has this weird blank expression on her face.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post of the Year

I was riding around on Christmas Day after seeing Avatar and I passed this Taxidermy place right on one of the main streets here in Albuquerque.
Right next door was, of course, this gun shop.
Just a picture of Taffy. In the morning I usually go online for a bit and she hangs out with me on the computer.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some bicycle friendly signs, wood sculpture, and the storm

One of the reasons I chose Albuquerque to live was, of course, the top notch nursing school, but also I wanted to live in a bicycle friendly city. It is very cycle friendly. This is a crossing button for bicycles.
Here's another one and you can see that it is right on the edge of the curb. These aren't everywhere, just on known bike paths. All the way to the right you can see that pedestrians have their own crossing button.
I just took this because I liked it. There are roundabouts all over the city. They're usually in residential neighborhoods to keep people from speeding. The sign shows how to go turn right or left or go straight.
Here's a picture from right outside my doorway of the storm in my courtyard. I live on the 4th floor and you can see what the make-up of my apartment complex looks like.
Just another picture of the storm.
Here was a snowman I saw before the storm started. We had a break of a few hours between precipitation. He looks a little sad with all the leaves, grass and dirt in him. Plus he has no face. Oh well, at least they got the snow off the grass.
A lot of people have wooden sculptures in their yards. I liked this one because it was painted. He's nice.
I pass this one everyday and it was only yesterday that I noticed it. If you're not paying attention, it just looks like a pole.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out shopping and running errands on 12/15.

I was running errands yesterday and I came across all these cars parked across the street. This one is all gold "stuff".
This truck is covered with circuit boards.
This van is my favorite. It's covered with cameras. The guys came home with a Xmas tree while I was there and I talked to them. They said the cameras on the van go all the way back to 1918 and come up the the present.
Detailed shot of the back windows.
Check out the license plate and where the ball hitch should be.
Then later I was riding to the mall to get my Secret Santa gift and I saw this house. There are all these sculptures in the yard. This is only half. The next picture it the other half.
Other half of the "Art" house. There's a balcony up there.
I just liked this. The birds look like ornaments. Now only if they lit up.
I love that these people have a church pew as a front porch bench. There's even the little cubbies to put the bible or hymn book back.
Nativity in a yard swing. I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11: The storm is over and the weather is fine.

Here is the super cool ornament I got for my tree. It's totally Andy Warhol. I love it.
Here's my tree from the inside. It's not the greatest picture, but it's nice.
This is my front window.
I was riding around on my bike and I saw this tree. I love it!
Here's Taffy by the tree. She hates to have her picture taken.
Some decorated yard on my way home from work. You know how I love snowmen.
This is another picture at my Target. I was taking a picture of the mountains. This is right after the storm. It's only about 30 degrees and the wind is blowing at least 15mph. It was so cold this day. I had to ride home against the wind.
Here's the best photo I could get of Taffy. I took about 20 just to get this one. The rest are of her back or her ear or one of her legs.